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Believe it or not “underwater hockey” or “soccer blindfolded” are real sports in the world and they even own annual competitions, attracting a large number of fans.

Octopush (Underwater hockey)

Referring to hockey sport, we will immediately think of the players holding sticks, skating on the ice and trying to hit the ball on the opponent’s golf. However, there exists a special field of hockey where the players still use that stick and ball but play in… underwater.

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This unique sport is called Octopush. In this sport, each team has 6 members with rules almost similar to traditional hockey. Octopush is becoming more and more popular and popular in many countries like England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Bossaball (Volleyball on air cushion)

An extremely interesting version of volleyball, when the athletes must constantly jump on the ground a giant air cushion called Bossaball. This sport is based on the principle of volleyball but the stage is made of inflatable floats.

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In each part of the yard is also placed a trampoline with springs close to the net to help the attacker to finish. In Bossaball, each competitor must gather a range of skills, from volleyball, soccer to gymnastics and capoeira – a type of combination of martial arts and dance music popular in Brazil.

Chess Boxing

Chess boxing was invented in 2001 by Lepe Rubingh (a Dutchman). The first Chess boxing tournament was held in 2003. Also in this year, the first world championship was held in Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Dutch Boxing Association and the Chess Federation. Netherlands. The rules of chess boxing are quite simple, with a maximum of 12 rounds of competition (6 rounds for chess and 6 rounds for boxing), each round will take place in 3 minutes.

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In the first half, the two players will chess, then both athletes will wear gloves and compete in the boxing screen. In sequence, alternating so the game will end soon when a boxer is knocked out or flagged out. After all 12 rounds and no boxer has been defeated, then the referees will calculate points to find the winner. Players are carefully selected chess boxing, who are not only the best fighters but also the champions with an Elo coefficient over 1,900.

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