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Behind the glorious careers, athletes always face the risk of injury lurking in just one accident that can rob them of all, from health and career.

Let’s take a look at the most serious injuries in sports history in the world

Juan Encarnacion

Juan Encarnacion is a famous baseball player playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. In a match against the Florida team in the 2007 season. Juan Encarnacion, who was then 31 years old, was hit by a teammate with a speed of 270 km/h and hit him in the left eye.

Juan Encarnacion was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. The doctor treating him had to say, “This is the worst injury I’ve ever seen.” After Juan Encarnacion’s left eye vision suffered serious deterioration and caused him to give up his sports career. 

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Lee Trevino

If you thought a noble sport like golf could not cause serious injury, you were wrong!

In the 1975 European Open, the famous American golfer Lee Trevino, who was voted the “International Sports Player of the Year” by the BBC newspaper, was performing a club shot. The iron on the top of the hill was struck by a bolt of lightning, causing the golfer to lose consciousness immediately. After a long period of treatment, Lee Trevino continued his career. However, he said the lightning had left his back seriously injured, and caused persistent aches and pains until now.

Rugby player Joe Theismann

Joe Theismann was a player of the Washington Redskins (USA) rugby team, in a match against the New Yorks Giants in 1985. Joe Theismann had to end his sports career forever with a broken leg after a collision with Lawrence Taylor of your team

Hockey player Clint Malarchuk

Clint Malarchuk did not seem to be able to pass in 1989 when the hockey stick cut the vein and caused the player of Buffalo Sabers to lose up to 1.5 liters of blood right on the field. But in the end, he survived and competed until 1996 before retiring at the age of 34 and only missed 5 matches in his career because of this injury.

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Boxing gladiator Frankie Campbell

With opposing sports like Boxing, injuries are unavoidable. But the Frankie Campbell accident is a real nightmare.

In the match against the opponent Max Baer, ​​with his technique, Frankie Campbell won in the second half. However, in the fifth half, Max Baer launched a heavenly punch on Frankie Campbell’s face causing the puncher to fall. collapsed and died on the spot. According to forensic examination, Max Baer’s punch caused Frankie Campbell to have a broken skull. After this incident, Max Baer was prosecuted for criminal liability but was eventually acquitted by the court.

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