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The winner of the 2018 Football Cup is getting more elite teammates to play thanks to the addition of P.K. Suburb and Jack Hughes. Will it be enough to keep him on the Devil for long? We talked to the right winger about his new friends, his future and more.

The New Jersey Devil had a wonderful summer and that great news for one of the first stars that this current version was added, left winger Taylor Hall. The winner of the 2018 Football Cup is the first major work in the franchise’s remix now including 2017, selecting the first overall, Nico Hischier and the recent additions P.K. Subban through trade and Jack Hughes was the top choice in the draft 2019. Speaking at the annual NHLPA charity golf tournament, Hall reflected on some of the big moves, starting with the deal at Columbia, sent Subban to Newark.

Hall, who was originally bought from Edmonton in his own blockbuster deal for defender Adam Larsson, even had to put his two cents when GM Ray Shero collaborated with the Predator. Subban not only brought a great personality to the Devil, but he also had some specific skills that really met the demand for New Jersey, missed the playoffs this season for the sixth time in seven years.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Taylor hall is very excited with the new summer moves of Jersey

It’s interesting to think about the potential power play unit of New Jersey next year. The Devil only ranked 21st in the league this season, but now they can slip into Subban and Hughes with Hall and Hischier, if they choose to upload the top entry. While Hughes was going straight from the draft, Hall was on the ice with the previous kid and was impressed.

Of course, for Hall to really enjoy the building being done in New Jersey, he would have to stick for a long time. Thus, the left winger will qualify for the unrestricted free agency next summer and he will certainly attract much interest in the open market if he does not fight the Devil again.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Taylor hall is very excited with the new summer moves of Jersey

While these coupons became online chat these days, Hall actually came back last year, a big brouhaha deal with John Tavares in dealing with his own situation. That does not mean that Hall is trying to leave New Jersey. On the contrary, he seems to be very happy with his hockey home both on and off the ice, although getting a more tangible team result in the upcoming season seems to be a priority.

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