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Oilers had a match on Newark’s ice rink. There was a record set by Oilers that broke the hearts of many New York fans. They overcame rivals with a surprise score of 5-0, with the goalscorer being the top two scorers in NHL.

The team from Edmonton has set a record as the first team to win a 5-0 victory of the North American ice hockey tournament. In it, player James Neal, who is leading the NHL with seven goals, has scored a new record for the team with a vibrant start.

This result marked the first time in the history of Edmonton’s football team that the situation turned around in a match in New York with three teams New Jersey, Islanders and Devils and a victory over Rangers 4-1. convince. If you’ve seen them play last season, it’s hard to believe, with this team they can set those records. Connor Mc David was the one who played brilliantly against Jersey, especially in the shootout to help his team win 4-3.

As for player Leon Draisaitl, he had two more goals and one help on this trip. The opponent did not easily prevent this big German guy with four finishes into the goal and one shot when the goal was empty. If there is more time, then McDavid and Draisaitl will be able to work together to find a common goal in the match. Or if the player had 7 points in the first 5 matches, Oscar Klefbom will be able to score the 7th goal.

The Oilers can change the situation in the blink of an eye so a goal is not difficult for them. Their players are starting to find that out and they will be patiently waiting to get the chance to score. After finishing 4 games with 6 points accumulated in New York, Oilers will leave for Chicago on Monday to continue playing in the NHL 2019-2020 season.

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