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Norwegian star Mats Hildisch has a broken neck and is permanently paralyzed after hitting a post in a recent Norwegian ice hockey match.

In the match between Frisk Asker and Lorenskrog, 18-year-old Mats Hildisch (Frisk Asker) had a very strong collision with the post. After this collision, Mats Hildisch was taken to Ulleval Hospital for treatment.

After the examination, doctors diagnosed Mats Hildisch with a severe neck fracture and spinal injury that left him permanently paralyzed. This is a tragedy for the player Mats Hildisch, who is considered the bright young talent of the Norwegian ice hockey village.

Last season, Mats Hildisch scored 4 goals and 12 assists in 27 games for Frisk Asker. He was also included in the Norwegian team to play in the U-18 World Championship in 2019 and had 3 assists in 5 appearances.

Mats Hildisch has received a lot of encouragement and sharing from fans and colleagues.

Celebrity star Mats Zuccarello shares the hockey family together. All players will side with Mats Hildisch in the tough fight he is facing right now.

The Frisk Asker club also announced it on their website. The club sympathizes with Mats and his family. His club will do everything it can to support them. The most important thing for Mats is to rest now and be able to use all of his strength during the difficult recovery period ahead.

To everyone’s heart, Mats Hildisch sent his thanks on Instagram. During a match, he broke his neck and injured his spinal cord. Now, he is ready to work than ever and he thanks everyone for the support.

Under the support of colleagues and sports fans, I hope Mats Hildisch will be able to recover somewhat. This is a rare and unfortunate accident in a player’s sports career. Hopefully in the future there will be no player with similar accidents.

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