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Stanley Cup has witnessed the thrilling and exciting matches, let’s take a look at the memorable moments at the Stanley Cup 2019 before the start of the 2020 season.

The most memorable is the time of the confrontation between Boston Bruins and Columbus Blue Jackets of Game 5. Although things started to seem slow and quiet, after some time passed, Columbus surpassed. 3-1 in just a few minutes and Boston regained the game since they held the score 3-2 in the match.

The match progressed with many thrilling scenes and intriguing details. The game has never been as exciting as it was in the third phase. Pastrnak once again sealed the victory of Bruins. Thanks to the immediate return of the Blue Jackets, Boston fans didn’t give up after watching their team take a 3-1 lead. This same player had previously moved very well when the time was just under 2:00, setting the thrilling victory of Bruins.

However, almost immediately afterward, the Bruins turned Columbus’s second goal into a more ambitious goal, as Rask made a comeback and helped set the score 2-1 for David Pastrnak. Boston was 3-1 ahead. However, it did not end there, with two other goals in two minutes, the Blue Jackets turned the opportunity into a dominant team. First, a Ryan Dzingel smash helped close the gap to Boston to just one, and then a surprising result for many when the match result was 3-3. And in the context that the Stanley cup predictions are on fire, this result is really dangerous for Bruins’ Game 5 victory.

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That same night, Sharks Colorado and Sharks San Jose fought to break their own 2-2 result chains. Sharks hang around, making Avalanche difficult. Tomas Hertl scored twice and goalkeeper Martin Jones made another 21 saves when host Sharks San Jose beat Colorado Avalanche 2-1 in Game 5 of their NHL Western second-round playoff series.

Tyson Jost scored the only goal for Avalanche, Shark 3-2. Hertl and Jones were the standout Sharks on one night when their team overcame Avs 39-22 and held on to a one-goal victory. From there, Jones made sure to form a wall to help Sharks 3-2. He made six saves, including two brilliant saves from Tyson Barrie.

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