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Angela Ruggiero – A senior member of the International Olympic Committee has proposed nominating a Nobel Peace Prize for women’s hockey teams on the Inter-Korean ice. The press identified the team as a key to reduce tensions between the two Koreas.

Angela Ruggiero, who has won the World Cup four times and won the medal of state hockey content, said she will call on other members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have the same idea. “I would be happy if the inter-Korean women’s hockey team received the Nobel Peace Prize. That is the proper recognition for the sacrifices of both teams to be able to join together”, Angela Ruggiero said.

Earlier, South Korea proposed the creation of an inter-Korean ice hockey team to attend the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in South Korea in an effort to bring closer to Korea and pave the way for inter-Korean dialogue. The team consists of 23 South Korean players and 12 Korean players wearing uniforms from Korea on the map of the Korean Peninsula. This is the first and only practice match for the newly formed hockey team of the two Koreas and played under the unified flag. Before each match, the whole team does not sing Korean national anthem or Korean. Instead, the familiar melody of the folk song “Arirang” is heard.

Russian news agency RT said the Korean hockey team is considered a key to reduce tensions between the two Koreas following a series of tests of Pyongyang’s ballistic and nuclear missiles. North Korea is still subject to tough UN and US sanctions regarding its nuclear program and ballistic missiles.


“As an athlete who competed in the 4 Olympics, I understand that it involves not only the athletes, the teams they play, the country they represent but also the convey strong messages around the world”, said Ms. Ruggiero.

Despite the defeat of the Swiss team in the game, the inter-Korean women’s hockey team still received the enthusiastic support of the Korean cheerleaders and the Korean host fans.