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Anna Flanagan is an iconic figure in the world of hockey. Known as Flanno by her teammates and those close to her, Anna’s achievements as a hockey player are nothing short of phenomenal. The defining moment in her inspirational career came in 2013 when she was crowned Field Hockey World Young Player of the Year, four years after receiving her first call-up to the national team.

Anna started playing hockey when she was four years old. The inclusive nature of this sport made it easy for her to learn and play with the company of her family members. She has played other games, but Anna believes that the camaraderie and community around field hockey have been vital in her career.

Besides just growing into the sport, Anna sees her passion, athleticism, and work ethic as significant personal attributes for achievement in this game. Success in hockey, just like in everything in life, requires you to work hard and do what others are not willing to do.

Another takeaway from Anna’s career is that you should always focus on doing what others are not willing to do. As you focus on improving your game, you have to perfect a skill, considering that you have to compete for limited slots on the team. Other aspects of the game, such as physicality, endurance, mental stamina, and nutrition matter a lot.

In her career, Anna has also been a victim of injuries and setbacks, which have made her the player she is. In light of this, Anna has said, and proven, that giving up on your dreams because of an injury or challenge should not be an option. Instead, use those hurdles as a motivation to come back stronger.

Inspiration has been key to making Anna the woman and professional she is today. And by always showing up, Anna has earned it all.