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Alex Danson is undoubtedly one of England’s and Great Britain’s hockey greats. Danson made her first international debut in 2001 when she was just 16. Since making her debut appearance, her contribution on the pitch has been outstanding. The major highlight of her sporting life came late into her career when she inspired Team GB to win the Olympic gold medal in 2016.

Lessons Learnt from Danson’s Hockey Career

Great players are remembered for their contribution to the sport. Young players are expected to learn from the greats. If you have your eyes set on becoming a distinguished hockey player, then drawing insights from Alex Danson’s career is vital. Here is what you can learn from Danson’s staggering career.

  • Hard work beats talent: Danson’s career shows that ability is not enough to make it in hockey. In her career, she has always worked hard on and off the pitch. For instance, ever since she was 11, she used to practice reverse shots on an empty net for hours.
  • Attitude and determination: Danson’s attitude and determination have always been phenomenal. Despite being small in stature, she was still ready to take a shot, dive at deflections, and do a lot more things that most players are not willing to do.
  • Team oriented: Danson has always been a team player with an excellent perspective. She has always believed in making the group united, and this is evidenced by the way she has consistently refused to take individual credit.
  • Discipline: Danson enjoys one of the best disciplinary records on the pitch. In her personal life, Danson’s discipline and her ability to stay true to the game have been phenomenal.

Having her life transformed by the sport, there is a lot to learn from her. As if this is not enough, she takes the personal initiative of mentoring young kids to take up the sport.