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What does a hockey player need to enjoy the game? Most coaches and experienced hockey players have every reason to believe that mental toughness is key to enjoying this sport. You need to have some talent, of course, but mental toughness is critical. That said, here are some essential qualities every hockey player should have to enjoy the game.


Enjoying hockey requires a basic understanding and decent levels of confidence. If you are convinced that you can do it, then, you can be sure that you can do a decent job on the pitch. Being a confident player means that all the nerves of whether you are good enough should be behind you, which helps you give your best.

Work Ethic

You need to be an individual with an exceptional work ethic to enjoy playing hockey. Work ethic has a lot to do with your state of mind, rather than your fitness levels. Thus, you need to have the desire to outplay anyone you encounter. Enjoying the game calls for tenacity. You undoubtedly need to really convince yourself that you can make it even when things seem harsh.

Embrace Sportsmanship Behaviour

Discipline is the key to enjoying the game. You need to learn how to handle anything you encounter on the pitch with sobriety. There are those moments when things get tough and messy. Sportsmanship behaviour requires you to stay calm, no matter how things get. If you know how to keep calm, it is then that you can enjoy playing hockey.

If you want to be considered a great hockey player and have an enjoyable time on the pitch, then you should consistently work your way up. You will need some talent, some physicality, and most importantly, demonstrate mental toughness. Enjoying hockey, and making the fans and your coach like the game requires you to work on your personality, and give your all to the team.