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The President of Russian, Vladimir Putin also played hockey with world-famous politicians and former athletes in front of Red Square. While Americans are very proud of the victory, Russia’s President Putin criticized the referee for his dramatic defeat.

In Russia and the United States Group A first-place division match in ice hockey, the US defeated Russia 1-0 in the penalty shootout after 2-2 draws in 3 official competitions and both. extra. This result helped America overcome Russia to top the Group A with 8 points, 2 points more than the home team.

This victory reminded American sports of the legendary “ice miracle” in 1980, when the cold war between the two countries was still not over. At that time, the US team with many amateur players unexpectedly defeated the 4-3 Soviet Union to advance to the championship. It is one of the most impressive sports moments of the 20th century.

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However, the Russian side still did not mind this loss. Russian President Vladimir Putin still believes that the Russian hockey team with a star-studded squad is the strongest team in the league. He also reiterated the controversial situation in the match, when the Russian team failed to recognize a goal.

In this match, an American referee did not recognize Russia’s goal on the grounds that the golf gate was knocked off the base. Speaking of the situation, Mr. Putin said that the referee sometimes made mistakes, but on the contrary, he mentioned the responsibility of the executive when handling situations that were not good.

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President Putin’s statement will definitely make hockey special attention in the remaining rounds. Currently, Russia has to play in the playoff bracket (4-0 win over Norway) in the quarterfinals to meet Finland, while the US team will meet the Czech Republic.

The two teams can only meet again if they reach the final round (or 3-4).