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If you are a sports enthusiast and are going to study abroad in Germany, would you be interested in the most popular German sports in this country?

And if you still do not have that information at hand, let’s find out!

Ice hockey

Many believe that no sport in Germany has more ardent and noisy fans than ice hockey. Major cities in Germany have ice hockey clubs participating in national tournaments. The German national ice hockey tournament is considered one of the best ice hockey tournaments in the world.



Golf is popular with people with economic conditions in Germany. Most golf clubs in Germany require players to have membership cards, or pay a contribution fee. Although Germany produces famous and successful golfers like Martin Kayme, the free channels in Germany do not broadcast golf tournaments on their channels.


First is football, it’s no surprise that football is the most famous and beloved sport in Germany. The German Bundesliga national football tournament is one of the biggest and most successful football leagues in Europe. Every week, tens of thousands of people come to the field and watch the matches of their favorite team. Come to the stadium and enjoy a good match here, you will be immersed in the emotional matches and feel the intense love of the Germans for this king sport.



Thanks to the success of Detlef Schrempf and especially Dirk Nowitzki, two German basketball players who used to play very successfully in the NBA, basketball became a popular sport in Germany. The German national basketball tournament is now one of the leading basketball tournaments in the world. You should watch a basketball game in Germany to feel the atmosphere and excitement of basketball games in Germany.

Formula 1 car racing

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel are the two drivers who make miracles in Formula One racing. The two of them are the riders who have dominated the F1 race for many years, and make millions of Germans proud to watch. 7th weekly racing tournament. But now, when both Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel are no longer world champions, the Germans begin to lose interest in Formula 1.

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