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Everyone undoubtedly has their own reason as to why they think some sports are better than others. Many factors inform the opinion you hold about any game. However, it is hard to deny that hockey is a great sport. Here are some of the many reasons as to why field hockey is so excellent.

A Sport for All

Anyone can play hockey. The sport allows both sexes to play on the same side (mixed teams). There are no rules about age limitations. Whether you are a young player, a teenager or a 50-year-old masters players, you can always compete. The combination of experience and youth gives younger players an opportunity to pick up some tips from more experienced players.

High Skill Level

Hockey is a skill-based sport. You can readily appreciate this, by having to use a stick to control and move a relatively small ball. This not only requires maximum coordination, but you also need to be a technically gifted player to stay on the pitch. Some technical skills or moves applied here include flicks, push, slap, the tomahawk, and some 3D capabilities.

Team Sport

You need 11 members on either side, and each one has to play a part for the team to win. The fact that players have to work together gives you something that you can never get in individual sports. Not only do you learn to work with others, but it also gives you a chance to create life-long relationships, and of course, there is always some room for banter.


The passion in the sport is incredible. Considering that it is nowhere close to those higher-paying, professional sports, and the fact that it is the third most watched and popular sport in the world, tells a lot about the passion for this sport. So, you can be sure that those who love or play hockey, do it out of their enjoyment for the game, and not for monetary gains.