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Games with curved heads and balls can be found in many different cultures. In particular, ice hockey is a well-known outstanding sport.

What is ice hockey?

Hockey or Hockey is a type of sport in which two teams compete against each other by trying to control a ball or a round and hard disk, called a hockey ball, into a net or goal. of the other team, with hockey sticks. There are four basic types of hockey: round hockey, ice hockey, grass hockey and hockey wheels with wheels. In particular, ice hockey is a popular and developed sport with a wider scale.


Ice hockey is a team sport that plays on ice, in which participants use their skateboard stick to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. It is a sports movement with fast movement speed. This is the most popular sport in areas that are cold enough to create a seasonal ice with naturally safe hardness like Canada, Czech Republic, Latvia, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, and Slovakia. Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the region are located in the northern latitude of the United States. With the advent of indoor artificial ice rink, ice hockey became a year-round pastime in these regions.


Ice hockey rules

Like other sports, ice hockey has certain general rules. Ice hockey rules are shown:

– The yard is divided into 2 camps, each team has 6 people.

– The team that puts the ball in the opponent’s net more will win.

– The match is divided into 3 rounds, each half 20 minutes, do not count the time to stop the match.

– Allowed to replace unlimited players and any time.

– Players can use their shoulders, hips or torso to hinder the opponent (only when the opponent has the ball)

– The penalty is divided into heavy or light depending on the dangerous nature of the error.

– The foul player forced to leave the field must not be replaced in 2 – 5 minutes.

Looking from outside the ice hockey is not a sport that leaves a beautiful image. When participating in this subject, a group of players competed for a small plate, the messy bumps on the field sometimes made viewers feel frustrated and boring. That is not to mention the extremely high direct resistance that many people are afraid of. However, once in the mind of “insiders”, those “negative” statements will immediately reverse.


Usually, each sport requires special skills in specific parts. For example, football needs ingenuity of legs, basketball, table tennis is more about special skills from hands … With ice hockey players have to mobilize the whole body and need to know how to coordinate smoothly between parts. What is special when participating in this subject, players need to have the sophistication to connect teamwork together. Therefore, ice hockey is a sport that not only shows the quickness and dexterity of the player but also the subject of teamwork in the best way.