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Hockey is a relatively new and strange sport for many young people in some countries. In fact, hockey has been around in the world for a long time, but due to its special nature, its popularity is not widespread.

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What is hockey?

Hockey is a sport, which is divided into two teams competing against each other by trying to control a round ball or around and hard disk. And with good technique, the players will put the ball into the opponent’s net or goal with a hockey stick.

Hockey originated in Canada and is growing strongly to this day. Popular mainly in Western countries. Hockey played under 2 different pitch conditions.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Discover unbelievable things in hockey

What are the rules and ways of playing hockey?

Hockey takes place between two teams. The total number of people on the pitch of the two teams is eleven. Teams can change players on the field with as many people and times as you want (you can see this is a special feature compared to other sports). What is the number of changes in hockey players can take place at any time during the match, however, except when the corner kicks are taking place.

Hockey players are permitted to control the ball with the edge of the head and club staff used in the field.

Some basic rules such as players are not allowed to contact the ball in some parts such as feet, hands. When playing, you must not obstruct the opponent’s player from moving, you are not allowed to swing the club too high, and absolutely no third-party appearance.

What if the player is dribbling a hockey game? but at the same time losing control of the ball and kicking the ball or being interfered with by another player will not be allowed to control the hockey ball or continue to dribble.

Players on the court are not allowed to obstruct others from playing hockey in any form. Do not push or use your body, play ball to hinder your team’s progress. If this action recurs, the player may be penalized.

What is hockey is absolutely not allowed to have three players at the same time touch the ball. Two players who play football on two opposing teams may choose to compete. But if there is a situation where a third player intervenes in the dispute, it will be illegal and the ball will belong to the team with less participation in the situation.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Discover unbelievable things in hockey

What is the layout of hockey positions?

A goalie in playing hockey or questioning what hockey sport will wear a different color to other teammates. Goalkeepers are equipped with absolute safety outfits including a full face helmet, foot wraps, and goalkeeper’s private shoes.

Up to 11 people are allowed to play on each hockey field. There are positions appearing on the pitch such as strikers, midfielders, defenders and players who often move around the field, between routes depending on the course of the match to have a way to play and earn appropriate points.

A hockey player if asked what is a goalie hockey? If a player is given the goalkeeper, he must wear a different color and can wear a helmet. However, this player is different from the goalkeeper in that he does not have toe covers and shoes that are like the goalkeeper’s mandatory outfit.

Above is the whole answer around wondering what hockey is and the rules, rules on how to play, players and costumes on the field.

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