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Have you ever wonder why hockey players often have such violent bumps in ice hockey? The answer is that it is the strange law that allows athletes to be big on hockey courts, taking place in the North American tournament, which is the main cause of many such competitions.

Hockey is a type of sport in which two teams compete with each other by trying to control a ball or a round and hard disk, called a hockey ball, into a net or goal of another team, with hockey sticks. The most popular hockey game in a particular area is often referred to simply as hockey, other forms of hockey are called more clearly and clearly (for example, if in a certain area the department Ice hockey is popular, sometimes it is just called hockey or ice hockey, while grass hockey will be called fully to distinguish – grass hockey.

Ice hockey is a sport that often causes unintended collisions, when the athletes sometimes fail to control the speed, leading to conflicts between two or more players of the two teams.

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However, it is completely different in hockey tournaments taking place in North America, with the rules quite bizarre when they allow the athletes of the two teams to deal with the clashes on the pitch by fighting. And they explain that this is the way for men to express their bravery as well as their bravery.

There is usually a player who is willing to stand up as a hero in each team, and this player is called “Hockey goon”. These are often very aggressive players, they explain for fighting, punching the opponent’s bag to protect their teammates from danger.

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The battle between two or a group of athletes of the two teams only ends when a player falls to the floor, then the referee will be tasked with separating the “boxers” from each other. The “Hockey goon” will then go to rest, and they will be able to play again if there is a match.

After a lot of criticism from the media as well as from the fans, this law has not changed. Therefore, fans still have to see bloody battles still happening regularly in North American hockey tournaments such as boxing on ice hockey courts.

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