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Field hockey is a team sport in the hockey family. The sport’s earliest origins date back to the Middle Ages in Scotland, the Netherlands, and England.

The games can be played on a natural lawn or an indoor artificial turf. Each team plays with eleven people including the goalkeeper. Players use sticks made of wood or fiberglass to hit a round, hard, rubber-like ball. The length of the club depends on the height of each player. There is no left hand club on hockey, and only one side of the club is allowed. Uniforms include shin guards, sneakers, skirts or shorts and tops.

In the early 21st century, this game was popular all over the world, especially popular throughout Western Europe, the Indian subcontinent, Australia, New Zealand, the South and the Northeast of the United States (like Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania), Argentina and South Africa.

Hockey is Pakistan’s national sport, and is sometimes regarded as the national sport of India, although officially India does not have a national sport. The term field hockey is used mainly in Canada, the United States, Eastern Europe and other regions of the world where the sport of ice hockey is more common.

When the game is played, only the goalkeepers can touch the ball with all their body parts and apply only inside the kicking circle. While the other players play the ball with the flat side of the stick. The goalkeeper, like any player, is not allowed to play with the back of the stick. The side who scores more goals a month when the match ends will be the winner. If the scores of the two teams are equal then either the match is considered either a tie or extra-time or penalty shootout, depending on the tournament format.

The governing body of hockey is IHF. Athletes of both sexes participate in major international tournaments such as the Olympics, World Cup, World League, Champions Trophy and Youth World Cup, while many countries host youth, mature, and masters club level. FIH is also responsible for organizing the Hockey Rules Board and developing rules for the sport.

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