The Canadian Firearms Institute is a non-profit National Firearms Owners advocacy and resource organization dedicated to protecting Canadians’ Firearms Heritage.

NOTICE: Effective August 7th, 2016

Dear Members and Donors, past and present, 

Please be advised that we are reaching out to each one of you by phone, to ask for your continued support.  With your help we have been able to launch programs and campaigns that have successfully helped change the public perception of our sport and strengthen our community.  
We need to do more, and we need your help to do it – BEFORE the next federal election.  
You will be receiving a phone call from a company named “Campaign Support Ltd.”.  We have had a long standing relationship with its owners and have retained them to make calls on our behalf.  We wanted to let you know that you are receiving a legitimate call from a friendly group of people that we have asked to call you.
When we call, please be generous!
 – PS – If you have a couple of minutes please complete our on-line survey – understanding who we are and being able to define ourselves will go a long way towards creating a positive perception of our community.  
Many thanks.  
Pyper Unitt, CEO



Community Survey

For too long – we have let others define us – in the media, the general public and in the political arena.

This survey will allow us to define ourselves – Nationally, Provincially and Municipally – with factual and statistically supported information.

The Conservative Party has recently amended it’s firearms policy and we would like to see all parties adopt a similar attitude towards our community.

Please take the time to complete this brief survey, your contribution will allow us to move forward in a proactive and positive manner.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation. CFI TEAM

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Arm Chairangrysquirrel2 Critics do us more harm than good.

Ranting and raving at the unfairness of our current legislation on blogs, Facebook pages, forums, and at our clubs, may let off a little much needed steam, but it accomplishes nothing positive for the community as a whole, in fact it does us a lot of harm. (more)


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